Isaura Rodriguez

Administrative/ Marketing Manager
  I have been with Dream Maker Properties since June of 2022. Since working here, my interest in real estate has grown and I plan on getting my real estate license. I enjoy doing the administrative work, as it gives me an idea of what a real estate agent does and I can better understand the legal processes and information needed when selling a home. This is also a great opportunity for me to use my skills in design and marketing as I help with promotions and announcements on our social media page and website. 

Both of my parents migrated from Mexico over 25 years ago and have been in North Carolina ever since. We love the southern hospitality here and are amazed with how the Hispanic and Latin culture has grown in the Yadkin Valley over the years. After graduating high school in 2018 and taking a year off, I decided to get my associate degree in Graphic Design in 2021 at Surry Community College. After working a full time job for over two years, I saw the real estate business as a great opportunity to get my foot in the door with the marketing and commercial business, as well as try to reach out to more members of the hispanic community in the housing market.

I am currently enjoying my youth while also starting to prepare for my future. I can’t wait to become a real estate agent and help others purchase their new homes, as well as save up to one day purchase my very own.