Free Property Search Tools

We are committed to making the “Property Search” functions on our site the most comprehensive and useful real estate research tools available in our markets.  To this end, we have provided a brief description of navigation techniques below.

  • One Click Searches
    These are “quick” search links designed to get you results fast, with minimal input entry and effort.  Further refinement of the quick search results are available to narrow the listings to suit your specific needs.

  • MLS Quick Search
    This tab is designed to get quick and semi-tailored results for the Chapel Hill & Triangle Area using any or all of 8 input fields.  #1. Property Type, #2. MLS Number, #3. County, #4. City, #5. $ Minimum Price, #6. $ Maximum Price, #7. Number of Bedrooms, and #8. Number of Bathrooms.

  • Our Featured Listings
    This tab takes you to selected listings from our selling clients in the Chapel Hill & Triangle Area as well as from the Elkin & Yadkin Valley Wine Region.