Do You Have a Special Place?

Posted by allenl

The peaceful area surrounding the creek pictured to the right is one of my very special places.  My wife and I are fortunate to have some untouched land in Elkin, NC  that is bordered on two sides by beautiful creeks.  On the north side, Grassy Creek separates our land from that of  the Elkin Creek Vineyard. Looking across to the hillside provides a wonderful view of their vineyard and ever expanding plantings of grapevines. Following the perimeter of the property and the creek west and then southwest brings you to the spot Grassy Creek flows into the Big Elkin Creek…….a spot we call “Where Two Creeks Meet”.

Continuing to trace the perimeter of the property, but now following the Big Elkin Creek south for about 200 yards will bring you to my favorite spot.   You can hear the rapids of the water flowing over the rocks, birds near and far, and absolutely nothing else! When looking around, you are completely surrounded by nature, facing a mountain with huge boulders jutting off the rugged profile.  It rises up 200 feet or more, and is covered with mountain laurel and rhododendron.   You would swear you were in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The solitude of my special place brings me great joy, and I go there to hike around  and get lost in the natural sights and sounds as often as possible.

Elkin and the Yadkin Valley Wine Region have many wonderful homes, vineyards, tracts of land and unique properties.  In the current economy, they are more affordable than ever before.  I would be honored to help you search and find your special place.